A SECRET shopper has found that shopping for 33 everyday items was £4 cheaper at ALDI than it’s nearest rival, ASDA.

The Grocer, carries out a weekly survey that checks the prices of 33 everyday items at the five major supermarket chains, and this week they included Aldi.

Next came Sainsbury’s at £39.51 which was £6.37 more expensive than Aldi followed by Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose.

“Aldi claimed a convincing win over its traditional supermarket rivals this week – and in doing so illustrated one of the key reasons why Asda and Sainsbury’s feel the need to merge.” said The Grocer.

“Aldi’s £33.14 total was £4.41 cheaper than Asda, helped by offering the lowest price for 27 of the 33 items on our list.”

“Twenty three of these were exclusively cheaper than any of its rivals.”

“This makes Asda 13.3 per cent more expensive and while the gap has closed from 16.5 per cent in January, drastic measures appear to be needed if Asda is to genuinely close the price gap to the discounters.”

Sainsbury’s managed to grab third spot with £39.51 but still it was £6.37 more expensive than Aldi.

The Tesco shop cost £40.70, and a whopping £7.56 more expensive than the budget retailer, and said it’s price guarantee scheme didn’t make much of a difference as the list focused on own brand products.

Their shopper had 45p taken off her bill at the checkout which still left it £7.11 more expensive than Aldi.

Morrison was £11.46 more expensive and unsurprisingly, Waitrose had a difference of £14.86 more on the discounter’s grocery bill.

When they carried out the test, Waitrose only had two of the products on offer, compared to Asda’s nine, Aldi’s eight, Morrisons’ six and four each at Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

The difference in price hints at some of the reasons behind the proposed Asda merger with Sainsbury’s.

Top bosses have promised a 10 per cent price drop on everyday items but experts are warning that this might not be possible.

Many Brits are switching to the discounters like Aldi and Lidl – but just because some of their own brand products look the same, do they actually taste the same?


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