Kind stranger pays for couple’s £49 Aldi shopping after mix-up saw their card declined.

Jean and Alan Young were stunned when a kind stranger paid for their £49 shop at an Aldi in Rochdale. They had just gotten to the front of a “mile-long” queue at the store in Rochdale when his card was declined.Alan, 71, asked the cashier to keep an eye on his bags while he popped home to see what the problem was.When he came back and explained his pension wasn’t coming in until tomorrow, he was told a generous woman had paid for the £49 shop.

“I just stood there like a gormless idiot and thought she must be joking,” he told the Manchester Evening News.
“You read about all this evil going on and this just feels unreal – it’s like floating on air.” The generous woman paid for their £49 shop, which included gifts for their grandson.

The couple want to thank the stranger who didn’t leave her contact details, only telling the cashier to wish Alan a nice day.
Her gesture meant a huge deal after a horrid year for Alan, who was doing his first big shop since getting out of hospital.
He had battled with an E.coli infection for weeks and was diagnosed with tonsillitis earlier in the year.

Among the items in the shopping were three onesies for his grandson Adam.
“I can’t get over it,” he went on. “You think you’ve experienced everything but it was just unbelievable.
“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


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