Forza Horizon 4 is getting a Halo driving experience with Master Chief, Warthogs, and Cortana

Forza Horizon 3first introduced the ability to driveHalo’sfamous Warthog nearly two years ago, andForza Horizon 4(due October 2nd) is taking thatHalocombination a step further. Playground Games has worked closely with currentHalodevelopers 343 Industries to create a miniatureHaloexperience inside ofForza Horizon 4. It’s essentially a side quest that teleports you into a drivable Warthog, while Banshees chase you along the beautiful route of the British countryside.

I got an early look at theHalo “experience showcase” at Gamescom today, and Cortana narrates the whole thing. The Warthog you drive is piloted by Master Chief, and a Pelican aircraft follows you along the route. News of this experience leaked out (see image below) last week, but Microsoft is still not providing screenshots or a video of it for everyone to see just yet.

Halofans will enjoy this fun crossover, and it’s something we might see a lot more of now that Playground Games has been acquired by Microsoft. It’s a brief encounter until wheneverHalo Infinitelaunches, butForza Horizon 4also includes the ability to freely explore the British countryside. Combined with dynamic seasons,Forza Horizon 4looks like it will include some challenging changes to its typical arcade racing style.

Forza Horizon 4is set for release on October 2nd for Xbox One and PC.


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